Semilla Fino

Material: 100% New Wool
Yardage: 240m/50g
Needle: 3-3,5 mm
Gauge: 28 = 10 cm
Material Consumption for women's jumper size M: 450g

Semilla Fino is 100% organic wool, produced and dyed in an environmentally sustainable way. Semilla Fino is organic luxury at an affordable price - perfect for children's and adults' knitwear and accessories.
The yarn comes in 41 beautiful and partly melange colours. Suitable for: machine knitting, weaving, hand knitting and lace knitting
The Semilla eco wool series is cuddly soft and, available in 4 different strengths as well as Flame and Cablé spinning. Attention: No machine wash! The yarn is very suitable for fulling. (Felts in all directions about 30%.)
The raw material for our eco-virgin wool SEMILLA is prepared in Germany and spun in Italy. The raw material is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), the world's leading standard for the processing of textiles from organically grown natural fibers. At a high level, it defines environmental requirements along the entire production chain and at the same time social criteria’s has to be met.
This means that the sheep are kept in accordance with recognized organic standards, lovingly and gently shorn and receive antibiotics only in absolute exceptional cases.

The colors used are also GOTS certified. Which means they are free from harmful substances such as toxic heavy metals and biodegradable. Only the production process is not certified. It is very difficult to find spinning mills, that can guarantee a GOTS-certified manufacturing process, as it requires a complete separation of the production process for GOTS fibers from conventional fibers.

Patterns for this yarn can be found on Ravelry here.